Stained Concrete

Have you ever seen anything more boring than a slab of gray concrete ? It almost all looks the same. But there is a way to change that. Stained concrete.

What is stain concrete?

Stain concrete is taking your old drab concrete and adding a variety of colors to it to make it look like you want. Once this look is polished and sealed, the finished product looks like it is very expensive.

Saying that it is stained concrete is not actually an accurate depiction of what happens in this process. It’s not like there’s an ugly stain there, but an acid is applied to the surface of the plain concrete to make it change to the desired color. At that point there is a chemical reaction with the concrete mix. If any of the aggregate are showing (commonly known as gravel), the rocks will not stain… Only the mix.

Keep in mind that is not the same as adding pigment to wet concrete prior to pouring it, acid staining is taking cured concrete and changing the surface coloration. Because it is a chemical reaction that is permanent, any previous treatments with any kind of acid may result in a imperfect stain. This is one of things that you need to know, but there are ways around this.

Ken’s concrete will make sure that get just the right colorations and patterns that you are looking for in your concrete floor. It is important to get a professional to do this because it is best to do this right the first time.

After applying the acid stain, be sure not to walk or step on the concrete because you may leave a permanent footprint trail.

Stain concrete is beautiful. Call Kim Moody of Huntsville, Alabama for more information at 256-533-1911.


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